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Why Need for Creative and Critical Thinking NOW?


Young children today are entering a different world to the one their parents entered. It is a world of rapid change, of global competition, and of instant access to masses of media information. To survive in this world, future citizens will have to be both inventive and inquisitive.  That is, they will have to possess the mindset and thinking skills associated with creative thinking and critical or judgmental thinking.


These vital ways of thinking are best encouraged and embedded in the early childhood for a variety of reasons. A major reason is the fact that pre-school children are observed to constantly seek explanations, to have fun with imaginative ideas, and to make their own judgments. However, this free thinking mindset is soon restricted by formal schooling that rewards and emphasises the comparing and grading of student memories for correct answers.



In summary then, early childhood schooling offers an opportunity to reinforce and embed the independence of thought that very young children bring with them to schooling.  





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